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Dept of Physics

Community Detection

We are utilizing a network analysis method to perform community detetion on the force structures we measured in photoelastic experiments and simulation results from LAMMPS. By using null model with topological information, we can detect communities that are similar to force chain structure. This method enables us to quantitatively study force chain structures


  • Danielle S. Bassett, Eli T. Owens, Mason A. Porter, M. Lisa Manning, Karen E. Daniels, Extraction of Force-Chain Network Architecture in Granular Materials Using Community Detection (2014) [Link]

  • Danielle S. Bassett, Eli T. Owens, Karen E. Daniels, Mason A. Porter, Influence of network topology on sound propagation in granular materials Physical Review E 86: 041306 (2012) [Link] [PDF]

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