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Dept of Physics

Mixing & Segregation

Granular materials of mixed sizes can segregate under shear, as seen in the image at right. Together with Michael Shearer in the NCSU Mathematics Department, we are developing models of how segregation happens in mixed samples and how mixing happens when the system is unstably stratified. Intringuingly, we observe that small particles do not necessarily exhibit faster mixing and segregation behavior.


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  • Lindsay B. H. May, Laura A. Golick, Katherine C. Phillips, Michael Shearer and Karen E. Daniels. Shear-driven size segregation of granular materials: modeling and experiment. Physical Review E. [Link]

  • L. B. H. May, M. Shearer and K. E. Daniels. "Scalar conservation laws with nonconstant coefficients with application to particle size segregation in granular flow." Journal of Nonlinear Science. (2010) [Link]

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