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Dept of Physics

Reviews and Commentaries

  1. Lia Papadopoulos, Mason A. Porter, Karen E. Daniels, Danielle S. Bassett. "Network Analysis of Particles and Grains." [arXiv]

  2. Axelle Amon, Philip Born, Karen E. Daniels, Joshua A. Dijksman, Kai Huang, David Parker, Matthias Schroeter, Ralf Stannarius, Andreas Wierschem. "Preface: Focus on Imaging Methods in Granular Physics" Review of Scientific Instruments 88, 051701 (2017) [Link] [PDF] [Focus Issue]

  3. Karen E. Daniels, Jonathan E. Kollmer and James G. Puckett " Photoelastic force measurements in granular materials" Review of Scientific Instruments 88, 051808 (2017) [Link] [PDF] [PeGS Source Code]

  4. Bruno Andreotti, Oliver Baeumchen, Francois Boulogne, Karen E. Daniels, Eric R. Dufresne, Hugo Perrin, Thomas Salez, Jacco H. Snoeijer, Robert W. Style. "Solid Capillarity: When and How does Surface Tension Deform Soft Solids?" Soft Matter. 12: 2993-2996 (2016) [Link] [PDF]

  5. Dapeng Bi, Silke Henkes, Karen E. Daniels, Bulbul Chakraborty. "The Statistical Physics of Athermal Materials." Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics 6: 63-83 (2015) [Link] [PDF]

  6. Karen E. Daniels. "Viewpoint: Pushing on a Nonlinear Material." Physics. 7: 113 (2014) [Link]

  7. Karen E. Daniels. Rubble-Pile Near Earth Objects: Insights from Granular Physics Asteroids: Prospective Energy and Material Resources. Springer, 2013. [PDF]

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