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Dept of Physics


Courses Taught

Teaching Publications

  • K. E. Daniels. "Student Blogging about Physics." The Physics Teacher. 48: 366-7 (Sept 2010) [PDF]

Introductory Fluid Dynamics

In connection with the Matter & Interactions curriculum, I wrote an appendix which covers fluid statics and dynamics in language consistent with the rest of the course. [Link to PDF]

Instructors: I also have a set of WebAssign-coded problems and buoyancy lab which I'd be happy to share if you email me.

Computational Activities for Modern Physics

I have written a set of Jupyter notebooks for use in conjunction with our introductory Modern Physics class, approximately one for each chapter in Krane Modern Physics. If you'd like tor try them out, contact me. After Fall 2017 (their second draft), I'll find a way to post them more permanently/publicly.

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