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Dept of Physics

Group Alumni

Undergraduate students

  • Philip Boyne (BS 2008) → high school physics teacher
  • Melissa Fender (BS 2011) → PhD student at Wake Forest
  • Kate Foco Millwood (BS 2010) → PhD Student at Scripps Oceanography Institute
  • Laura Golick Gray (BS 2008) → PhD student in physics at Emory University → postdoc at Princeton University
  • Paul Houseworth (BS 2007) → Progress Energy
  • Adam Keith (BS 2012) → NSF Graduate Fellow, PhD student at U. Colorado, Boulder
  • Rebekah Lee (postbac 2015)→ graduate student, Idaho State University Geophysics
  • Adele Lichtenberger Igel (BS 2010 )→ PhD student in atmospheric sciences, Colorado State
  • Alex Mauney (BS 2014) → NSF Graduate Fellow, PhD student in physics, Cornell University
  • Kasey Phillips (BS 2007) → NSF Graduate Fellow, PhD student in Applied Physics from Harvard → Boston Consulting Group
  • Mark Schillaci (BS 2013) → PhD student, Ohio State Physics
  • Megan Szakasits (BS 2013) → PhD student, Michigan Chemical Engineering

Graduate students


Visiting students

  • Kali Allison (REU from Harvey Mudd) → PhD student, Standford Geophysics
  • Caroline Bauer (DAAD-RISE from Uni. Magdeburg, Germany) → diplom student MPI-DS, Gottingen → science journalism
  • Stephanie Couvreur (Master's student from ENS, Paris) → PhD, Physics, University of Paris 7 → Chef de Projet, La Diagonal (Paris-Saclay)
  • Georgi Dinolov (REU from Harvey Mudd) → PhD student in mathematics, UC Santa Cruz
  • Lucie Ducloue (Master's student from ENS, Pars) → PhD student, Paris → postdoc at Manchester
  • Chris Fox (REU from Harvey Mudd) → PhD student, University of Chicago Statistics
  • Kirsten Harth (PhD student, Magdeburg, Germany)
  • Matt Hin (REU from Harvey Mudd) → PhD student, Cornell Applied Mathematics
  • Antoine Le Bouil (Master's student from U. Rennes, France) → PhD student University of Rennes
  • Kiri Nichol (PhD student from U. Leiden, Netherlands) → postdoc in Netherlands → corporate data analyst
  • Richard Sayanagi (REU from Harvey Mudd) → PhD student, U. Wisconsin
  • Wynn Vonnegut (REU from Harvey Mudd) → software engineer

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