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Dept of Physics

Group Members

Karen Daniels [more info]
Email: kdaniel@ncsu
Twitter: @karenedaniels
Skype: karenedaniels
258C Riddick
  Ted Brzinski, postdoc
acoustical measurements in sheared granular systems, including geophysical applications
252 Riddick
Zhu Tang, graduate student
granular rheology
252 Riddick
Scott Lindauer, graduate student
granular materials, labsteroids, and flow stabilized solids
231 and 251 Riddick
Michael Mann, senior physics major
active granular matter
230 Riddick
Austin Reid, graduate student
folding dynamics in the service of ultra-cold neutron physics
Stephen Strickland, graduate student
surfactant dynamics
252 and 234 Riddick
Josť Medrano, senior physics major
wave propagation in gels
234 Riddick
Ephraim Bililign, senior physics major
statistical mechanics of granular materials
233 Riddick
Chris Kaneshiro, graduate student
granular materials
251 Riddick
Hannah Tekleab, first year physics major
acoustical measurements
234 Riddick
Giorgio Oliveri, Visiting Master Student
acoustical measurements
234 Riddick
Jonathan Kollmer, postdoc
granular materials, labsteroids
252 Riddick
Michael (Mika) Murphy, Junior Physics Major
Active Matter
233 Riddick
Emily P. Brown, senior physics major
Active Matter, Flour Beetles
234 Riddick
Sydney Dorman, Summer Undergrad, Haverford College labsteroids
233 Riddick
Chad Province, Summer Undergrad, USC flow stabilized solids
234 Riddick

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