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Dept of Physics

Group Members

Karen Daniels [more info]
Email: kdaniel@ncsu
Twitter: @karenedaniels
Skype: karenedaniels
258C Riddick
  Ted Brzinski, postdoc
acoustical measurements in sheared granular systems, including geophysical applications
252 Riddick
Zhu Tang, graduate student
granular rheology
252 Riddick
Scott Lindauer, graduate student
granular materials, labsteroids, and flow stabilized solids
231 and 251 Riddick
Michael Mann, senior physics major
active granular matter
230 Riddick
Austin Reid, graduate student
folding dynamics in the service of ultra-cold neutron physics
Stephen Strickland, graduate student
surfactant dynamics
252 and 234 Riddick
Josť Medrano, senior physics major
wave propagation in gels
234 Riddick
Ephraim Bililign, senior physics major
statistical mechanics of granular materials
233 Riddick
Chris Kaneshiro, graduate student
granular materials
251 Riddick
Hannah Tekleab, first year physics major
acoustical measurements
234 Riddick
Giorgio Oliveri, Visiting Master Student
acoustical measurements
234 Riddick
Jonathan Kollmer, postodc
granular materials, labsteroids
252 Riddick

Group Alumni

Undergraduate students

  • Philip Boyne (BS 2008) → high school physics teacher
  • Melissa Fender (BS 2011) → PhD student at Wake Forest
  • Kate Foco Millwood (BS 2010) → PhD Student at Scripps Oceanography Institute
  • Laura Golick Gray (BS 2008) → PhD student in physics at Emory University → postdoc at Princeton University
  • Paul Houseworth (BS 2007) → Progress Energy
  • Adam Keith (BS 2012) → NSF Graduate Fellow, PhD student at U. Colorado, Boulder
  • Rebekah Lee (postbac 2015)→ graduate student, Idaho State University Geophysics
  • Adele Lichtenberger Igel (BS 2010 )→ PhD student in atmospheric sciences, Colorado State
  • Alex Mauney (BS 2014) → NSF Graduate Fellow, PhD student in physics, Cornell University
  • Kasey Phillips (BS 2007) → NSF Graduate Fellow, PhD student in Applied Physics from Harvard → Boston Consulting Group
  • Mark Schillaci (BS 2013) → PhD student, Ohio State Physics
  • Megan Szakasits (BS 2013) → PhD student, Michigan Chemical Engineering

Graduate students


Visiting students

  • Kali Allison (REU from Harvey Mudd) → PhD student, Standford Geophysics
  • Caroline Bauer (DAAD-RISE from Uni. Magdeburg, Germany) → diplom student MPI-DS, Gottingen → science journalism
  • Stephanie Couvreur (Master's student from ENS, Paris) → PhD, Physics, University of Paris 7 → Chef de Projet, La Diagonal (Paris-Saclay)
  • Georgi Dinolov (REU from Harvey Mudd) → PhD student in mathematics, UC Santa Cruz
  • Lucie Ducloue (Master's student from ENS, Pars) → PhD student, Paris → postdoc at Manchester
  • Chris Fox (REU from Harvey Mudd) → PhD student, University of Chicago Statistics
  • Kirsten Harth (PhD student, Magdeburg, Germany)
  • Matt Hin (REU from Harvey Mudd) → PhD student, Cornell Applied Mathematics
  • Antoine Le Bouil (Master's student from U. Rennes, France) → PhD student University of Rennes
  • Kiri Nichol (PhD student from U. Leiden, Netherlands) → postdoc in Netherlands → corporate data analyst
  • Richard Sayanagi (REU from Harvey Mudd) → PhD student, U. Wisconsin
  • Wynn Vonnegut (REU from Harvey Mudd) → software engineer

Karen E. Daniels

Professor of Physics

Office: 258C Riddick Hall
Lab: 229-234 Riddick Hall
Phone: (919) 513-7921
Fax: (919) 515-6538
Email: kdaniel {at} ncsu.edu

[ CV ]

Mailing address:
Dept. of Physics
Box 8202
NC State University
Raleigh, NC 27695


A.B. Physics Dartmouth College, 1994
Ph.D. Physics Cornell University, 2002
Postdoc Duke University, 2002-2005
Asst. Professor of Physics, NCSU, 2005-2011
Assoc. Professor of Physics, NCSU, 2011-present


NSF Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award, 2007
Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, 2011
NC State Faculty Scholar, 2014-18


Courses Taught

Teaching Publications

  • K. E. Daniels. "Student Blogging about Physics." The Physics Teacher. 48: 366-7 (Sept 2010) [PDF]

Introductory Fluid Dynamics

In connection with the Matter & Interactions curriculum, I wrote an appendix which covers fluid statics and dynamics in language consistent with the rest of the course. [Link to PDF]

Instructors: I also have a set of WebAssign-coded problems and buoyancy lab which I'd be happy to share if you email me.


  • Squish! Not-so-Solid Science 50-minute workshop suitable for 5th-8th grade students [Link to PDF]

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