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Dept of Physics

Postdoctoral Position

We invite applications for a postdoctoral position to conduct research on granular materials and solid foams, using the tools of network science. The aim of the project is to advance our understanding of disordered mechanical metamaterials: objects built out of smaller parts, so that the bulk material properties are tunable based on how the building blocks are assembled. We seek to understand how the network of connections between the components not only controls whether the material is stable, but also the flow of energy, fluids, or electricity. The project will involve performing experiments on granular materials (optical measurements provide the contact forces, as shown below) and/or 3D printed foams with the contact network known in advance. In concert with the experiments, we will develop network science tools as a framework for a quantitative understanding of the results. Dynamic properties such as fracture, transport, or signal propagation are also of interest, and the ideal candidate will bring their own ideas about what specific research directions to take.

For more information, please contact Karen Daniels.

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