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Dept of Physics

Graduate Research Assistant Opening

/laser image of spreading surfactant]

The Focused Research Group (FRG) on Thin Fluid Films has an opening for a graduate research assistant starting January 2011 in the Department of Physics at NCSU. The FRG, composed of both physicists and mathematicians at NCSU, Duke, and Harvey Mudd, studies free-surface flows using both experiments and mathematical models. Thin fluid flows commonly occur in a variety of industrial, biological, and medical settings: spin-coating during chip fabrication, microfluidics, tear layers in our eyes, and surfactant-replacement therapy in neonatal infants. The goal of the research program is to better-understand the dynamics of these highly nonlinear systems, ultimately allowing us to better control their behavior.

This RA position would fund work to build a new experiment on vibrated films, and conduct experiments on the stabilization of thin fluid layers under vibration and in the presence of surface-tension altering surface molecules (particularly lipids). The image at left provides an example of the types of techniques we use. We perform fluorescent visualization (green) of a molecular-scale lipid layer spreading on a fluid surface, and the red line is a profile of the underlying fluid surface.

Contact Dr. Karen Daniels, kdaniel {at} ncsu.edu, 258C Riddick

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