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Dept of Physics

Thin Fluids Day 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

1102 SAS Hall, NC State University


  • 9:00 Registration

  • 9:10 Greeting & Introductions

Thin Flows

  • 9:20 Bob Behringer (Duke): Thin Film Flows with Rotation and Marangoni Driving

  • 9:45 Josh Bostwick (NCSU): Contact-line dynamics, bifurcation and bi-stability of spreading droplets

  • 10:10 Joshua Dijksman (Duke): Experimental realizations of spreading droplets

  • 10:25 COFFEE BREAK

Surfactant Dynamics

  • 10:50 Ellen Peterson (Carnegie Mellon): A Droplet of Fluid on a Thin Liquid Film

  • 11:15 Tom Witelski (Duke): The influence of surfactant on tear film thinning on the eye in blinking

  • 11:40 Lake Bookman (NCSU): Faraday Waves on Surfactant Covered Thin Films

  • 11:55 GROUP PHOTO

  • 12:00 LUNCH BREAK on Hillsborough St.

Complex Fluids & Flows

  • 1:30 Jeffrey Olander (UNC): A Remarkable Air-Driven Mass Transport Mechanism of Annular Thin Films - Part 1, Experiment

  • 1:50 Reed Ogrosky (UNC): A Remarkable Air-Driven Mass Transport Mechanism of Annular Thin Films - Part 2, Model

  • 2:10 Thomas Ward (NCSU): Electrically driven convection in a microscale-radial Hele-Shaw cell

  • 2:35 Paula Vasquez (UNC): Departures from linear behavior of viscoelastic materials under oscillatory flow

  • 3:00 BREAK

  • 3:25 Ju-Hee So (NCSU): The mechanical and chemical behavior of a thin oxide skin on liquid metal

  • 3:50 Mark Schillaci (NCSU): Surfactant-driven fracture of gels

  • 4:05 Kim Spayd (NCSU): Two Phase Flow in Porous Media: Traveling Waves and Stability

  • 4:30 Rachel Levy (Harvey Mudd College): Discussion


  • Michael Shearer (NCSU Math), Karen Daniels (NCSU Physics)


National Science Foundation "FRG: Collaborative Research: Dynamics of Thin Liquid Films: Mathematics and Experiments" NSF #0968258 (Shearer, Daniels) / NSF #0968154 (Levy) / NSF #0968252 (Witelski)


  • Campus Map

  • By express bus: The DRX and CRX buses are $5 round trip and leave from adjacent to both Duke and UNC campuses. The bus stop closest to the workshop is at "Hillsbourough St. at Brooks Ave." For schedule information: Triangle Transit

  • By car: Take I-40 East to Wade Avenue, following signs to stay on Wade Avenue. Soon after you pass the Whole Foods (in the shopping center on the left), turn right at the stoplight at Faircloth St. At the next stoplight, turn left on Hillsborough St. After passing most of the NCSU campus, turn right just after the Bell Tower onto Pullen Dr. Go about a block to a traffic circle, following signs to the Visitor Information on Stinson Dr. You can purchase a parking pass for $2 at the information booth, which you can use to park in the Colliseum Deck.

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