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Dept of Physics

Thin Fluids Day 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

1108 SAS Hall, NC State University


  • 9:45 am Gather for coffee, tea, and introductions

  • Morning Session

    • 10:00 Tom Witelski (Duke): mean field model of droplet coarsening

    • 10:30 Karen Daniels (NCSU): measuring surfactant distributions during spreading on thin liquid films

    • 10:50 Ellen Peterson (NCSU): surfactant spreading on thin liquid films: modeling of experiments

    • 11:10 Jeffrey Wong (Harvey Mudd): numerical simulations of a locally forced thin film

    • 11:30 Break

    • 11:40 Jonathan Claridge (U Washington): finite-volume method for 2D simulations of surfactant spreading on a thin film

    • 12:00 Keith Mertens (UNC): fluids flowing down an inclined plane

  • 12:20 to 1:30 Lunch on Hillsborough St.

  • Afternoon Session

    • 1:30 Bob Behringer (Duke): film dynamics in a rotating geometry

    • 2:00 Michael Jenkinson (UNC): air-driven thin fluid flow

    • 2:20 Paula Vasquez (UNC): magnetorheological fluids in microgravity

    • 2:40 Break

    • 3:00 Thomas Ward (NCSU): drop bursting and film formation in a radial Hele-Shaw cell

    • 3:20 Michael Dickey (NCSU): a micromoldable fluid metal for flexible electronics

    • 3:40 Laura Clarke (NCSU): fluid issues in electrospinning: using electric fields to draw nanofibers from constrained and unconstrained fluids and the formation of omniphobic surfaces for this purpose

    • 4:00 Karen Daniels: wrap-up discussion


Karen Daniels (NCSU Physics), Michael Shearer (NCSU Mathematics)


NCSU Mathematics Department; National Science Foundation grant DMS 0604047

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